Saturday, June 18, 2005

I have seen the most average minds of my generation . . .

Recently I found out that a peripheral acquaintance, R, has decided to go to law school.

To some, this may not seem like a big deal, or perhaps even a laudable decision! But as I have previously remarked, I have to seriously doubt the sanity of anyone who decides at this point in time and space to go to law school. This lovely girl had been working in PR and wasn't feeling intellectually stimulated (go figure), and so she recently quit her job. She has been diligently tanning and drinking ever since, but -- oh no! Now her parents, who have up 'til now passively bankrolled the Murray Hill dream from Long Island, are giving her a hard time. What ever should she do?

I can imagine the thought process: "I could get another job and support myself . . . naaah. How else can I convince Mom and Dad to continue paying my rent so I can spend $250 on going out each and every weekend? OH EUREKA! [angels sing in the background] I can go to LAW SCHOOL. It'll be so much fun! I can keep my ridiculously expensive apartment (or should I move to the dorms? It'll be just like the D Phi E and ZBT houses all over again, or Melrose Place! I could totally get a kegerator!), I can still go out for dinner each and every night, and I can get a new Louis bag to put my books in! I should go shopping for it NOW!"

And perhaps she is right. What better way to convince her parents that she is doing something meaningful with her life than by wasting more of their money on a legal education? I mean, so what if she is already 26? So what if she has absolutely no intention of ever practicing? So what if her sole motivation for this plan is meeting the perfect guy (who could probably be met at the Ginger Man right this very second), marrying him by 3rd year, and then having one or two equally spoiled children, to be raised by illegal Guatemalan workers while she gets her nails done occupationally?

If my parents were willing to finance pretty much anything I wanted to do and all I wanted was to meet a guy, I think I'd rather go to business school. Maybe it's just my law school, but the average guy more closely resembles Woody Allen than Dylan McDermott, and I don't think that their M.O. in b-school is to drag you down to the lowest depths of the human experience, only to build you back up with a B+. Just my two cents.


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