Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Impermissible accommodations

Faced with a transit strike during exams, my school offered up help and accommodation in its usual measure: none at all.

The transit union has voted to authorize a transit strike if an agreement is not reach by the deadline on Thursday night. As mentioned in my email of last week, exams will have to be held at the times previously scheduled, regardless of whether or not a strike actually happens, so please do not wait to make alternate arrangments.

In order to help students make arrangments with other students for a place to stay or for carpooling, we have set up a discussion group for all students on the [school] website. If you will be driving to school and can offer another student a ride (in the past, carpools into the city have necessitated at least 3 people), or if you can offer someone a place to sleep, please post a message. If you need a ride or a place to sleep, you can also post an inquiry.

Other area law schools are cancelling Friday's exams. But why would my school do that? Why offer us a meager amount of aid in a time of great stress? Exams already stressful, and the idea of having to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with my binder and textbook to get to a pre-9 A.M. exam makes me want to curl up in bed and cry. Rather than reschedule them for later in the day, or let us know that in the event of a strike, they will make some other type of plan, they are letting us know up front that our well-being is about as important to them as whether or not we get jobs. (In fact less, since there is no statistic for how happy we are and how much we feel like the school cares about us.) Couches and carpools . . . now THAT's a contingency plan!


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