Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Big brother is watching (hopefully)

I am presently taking a privacy law class that for some reason comes under the "intellectual property" umbrella, but is actually much closer to a class in social and political philosophy I took as a junior in college. Except the people in my social and political philosophy class were a) smarter, b) more open-minded, and c) more intellectually honest than the people in this theoretically elite, upper-level class. I can hardly believe some of the shit that comes out of these people's mouths and I find myself somewhat speechless during the class, which I have come to dread. (I knew I should have just taken a normal, no-attendance-required class with a multiple choice final. Dammit. But that's neither here nor there.)

For example, lest you think I am exaggerating, allow me to compare and contrast two cases we have studied for you along with the class consensus as to whether "they came out right" or not. (Everyone's a critic.)

In one case, the Supreme Court struck down a state law that forbade newspapers from publishing a rape victim's full name. The First Amendment freedom of the press was balanced against society's interest in protecting the victim and/or the victim's family from further pain and public exposure. Freedom of the press won. The class was quite content with this, and with the idea that the press should be the only ones to judge what is or is not appropriate for publication.

In another, the Supreme Court held that where a man had robbed a woman's house, and then harassed her by various means including telephone stalking, the Fourth Amendment was not violated when the police attached a device to his phone line that could tell what numbers he had been dialing (no content, just the numbers). The robber's expectation of privacy in the numbers he chose to dial was balanced against the need for accurate law enforcement data. The law enforcement won. The class was absolutely beside themselves with anger.

Let me get this straight!

Somehow, liberal politics dictates a hierarchy wherein the First Amendment comes first; the individual's me-me-me right to do whatever, despite any number of negative externalities, comes second; and law enforcement comes third. This makes no sense to me at all. Nobody likes being insecure in their own homes and worrying about whether the government is "watching," but if you can't sleep in your own bed without worrying about whether someone will come in and kill you and then get away with it scot-free because his rights trump yours, then I don't see how exactly those rights help the law-abiding, generally decent human being. It's always said that rights don't mean much unless you're alive to enjoy them. I have to agree.

If I have to choose between the government "watch" me (which, unless I'm operating some kind of drug ring out of my apartment, they probably have no incentive whatsoever to do) and having criminals run around in a consequence-free vacuum because the police can never catch them, then here I am, government! Watch away.


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