Monday, April 03, 2006

Sometimes the snow comes down in June.

Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. Sometimes the most annoying girl in your class wins $375,000 on a game show on national television.

No, seriously. Tonight, I watched with my mouth open as a girl whose mere voice used to make me run for the hills suddenly became Good Television. What is there to possibly say about that? The only other time I've felt this way was upon finding out that the biggest slacker in my section made law review, courtesy of extended time testing and someone else's outlines. It's like the proverbial slap when you expect a kiss. It should be the time for glory, the time for acknowledgment, and then not only do you not get what you want, the least deserving out there gets it.

Okay, so this isn't half as bad as that. But it was still pretty hard to watch the same girl who reputedly traded last year's valedictorian cartons of cigarettes for her first year outlines score almost $400,000 without having earned a penny of it. The same girl who sat in the front row and audiotaped our professors' lectures (I can only imagine how much fun it would be to listen to one of those tapes now and relive the glory days of first year. It must be almost as much fun as eating one's own eyeballs).

The thing is, she was sort of cute on the show, and I understood why the audience sympathized with her. She kept harping on how much debt she has from law school, and her whole big family was there with her, and all those same quirks that made me want to kill her first year actually played quite well on TV. I can only wonder how annoying, say, David Schwimmer might have been had he been in my civ pro class.


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