Monday, June 19, 2006

Wills, trusts, and extortion

Here's the thing. Of course I had to take BarBri. I had no other choice. Pieper isn't really a viable alternative, as far as I'm concerned, and BarBri sure beats doing nothing at all.

In most cases.

The lady they threw up on that podium for NY Wills was appallingly bad. I mean, I could have taught it better, since I've taken Trusts & Estates and did okay in it (against all expectations, I ended up getting pretty good grades this semester, minus one gaffe that tied first year torts for worst grade ever). I would be willing to bet that the lady they had teach it never took T&E, and possibly never even read over the outline before getting up there to teach it to the thousands of eager, sponge-brained young folks trying desperately to pass the NY Bar. Which tests Wills. Very, very heavily. I fail to see how having some office employee read the outline to us for two days is "teaching"; we could all have done that ourselves. I didn't appreciate her obnoxious attempts to bond with us through unfunny jokes, nor did I enjoy her horse-laugh as she, alone, laughed at them.

But even more so, the lady who taught Trusts to us today sucked. I mean she su-uuuu---uuuucked. At least the Wills chick read us the outline and let us fill in the blanks, like 4th graders doing Mad Libs. This bitch didn't even read half the shit in the outline, instead telling us, "You can read over this at home, it's straight memorization." Oh, really? Then what am I paying YOU for?

Not everybody has a fancy law firm to foot the bill for a bar prep class. Some of us have to pay for this out of our own pockets!* And to insult us by telling us how heavily tested this stuff is, then putting an idiot up there to parrot it (or not) verbatim from the outline, is really a fucking insult.

*Or out of our mothers' pockets, in the interest of full and fair disclosure.


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