Thursday, June 16, 2005

Allow me to re-introduce myself

I have decided to join the blog game (clearly way too late to have any impact) for several reasons. First, and foremost, I'm bored. Second, with all due respect to the "biglaw" blogs out there, I think it may be useful to provide some perspective for the silent majority who still slaves away, but doesn't get the Prada bags or dinner at Daniel. Yeah, that's right, I'm between my second and third years of law school, working at a small firm, making peanuts, and staying later than my summer associate friends at big firms. Which is not to say that all is hopeless and awful - I haven't seen any document review yet, nor will I be expected to sacrifice my firstborn (or the possibility thereof), and generally speaking I don't have to worry about getting hammered at firm events and jumping into sludge (literally and figuratively).

I don't go to a top tier school and I'm not in the top ten percent. Things are a little different around here, and sometimes I'm not sure which format has more serious problems. However you slice it, the law industry sucks, and barely legal is right: there's no substitute for experiencing it yourself. Whenever an incoming 1L asks for my advice, I always begin with, "Call the bursar and find out if your check has been cashed. If not, GET. OUT. NOW." They always laugh and think I'm kidding. Generally I just smile and humor them, but I've never been more serious in my life.

The high points are low, and the low points are really, really low. Consider today's high and low points:

High: "Good job on that memo. Come see me and I'll give you a new project on a survey of how each circuit determines whether claims have been actually litigated for collateral estoppel purposes." (Oh, goody! Can I research that? Can I? Can I?)

Low: Attorney calls on speakerphone and asks for my lawschool Lexis password (unethical, you ask? why, yes it is) and I cannot give it to him. Not because of my ethical scruples, but because my password is "boobs." Sigh.

All this glory because I didn't want to work in PR.


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