Monday, July 18, 2005

A pound of cure: $30. Not getting a job through OCI anyway: priceless.

Our OCI bids were due today. For the laypeople among my readers, this means that I had to pick which firms who deign to interview 3Ls I would like to have interview me. The odds that any of them actually will are pretty slim, but with my usual strength and fortitude I decided to give it a shot anyway. However, highly cognizant of last year's experiences, I didn't spend much time or energy preparing the materials and effectively decided to wing it. It's like the pessimist's mantra: expect the worst, and then if anything else happens, it's just a nice surprise!

One problem: my laid-back approach somehow did not include reading the instructions. Which said, pretty specifically, that for firms who required more than just a resume, transcript, and writing sample, those materials had to be dropped off at school by 12 pm today. I realized this problem around 10:30 this morning. With just an hour on the clock before I had to jump in a cab and get to school, I had to put together a second writing sample, two cover letters, and a current reference sheet. Somehow, I got it all together, redacted party names (X Corp. and Y Corp. again saving the day) and hightailed it off to school in a cab. The documents made it to their applicable destinations (I hope) and I was feeling pretty smug about the whole thing as I stopped by my delirious studying boyfriend (bar countdown: 6 days) and tried to chat him up and make him smile. Then I ran for a cab again and made it back to work, less than 45 minutes after I had left. Not bad!

And then I checked my email. A girl I rarely speak to, A, had emailed me with the subject "Cell phone found." I smiled to myself, thinking about how maybe some friend of hers had left it at her apartment recently or something and how she must be sending a mass email to all her friends. Nope! It was addressed solely to me. Without even realizing it, my phone and I had somehow become estranged during the cab ride back to work and now some cabbie had to go through my numbers to reach someone to figure out who I am. That's great. Even better was the fact that he had just gone off shift and was down by the Williamsburg bridge (nowhere near my place of employment). And then he called back to tell me he was having car trouble and it might take him awhile to get up to my office building. And then he called back again to tell me that his car had just died and it would have to be dropped off with me tomorrow. That's just great.

In sum, I spent $11 on taxis this morning and will have to tip this guy for being so accommodating and returning my dearly departed cell phone to me.

I should have read those damn instructions.


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