Thursday, August 25, 2005

Our house is a very very very expensive house

Although, as any of you who actually read this may have already noticed, this blog is officially on summer vacation, I thought I'd check in and make a totally unoriginal comment on the housing market here in this great city. Public opinion concerning my borough of choice, Brooklyn, ranges from it being dangerous, far & inaccessible to fun, young & a great place for kids to start out! Well, as usual, the truth falls somewhere in the middle, but generally I love it here and wouldn't trade my beautiful apartment in my beautiful neighborhood for anything.

One thing that is definitely 100% false, though, is the myth that here in Brooklyn, you get "more for your money." Nowhere in this damn city do you get any sort of "value" for your money. My boyfriend and I have seen the worst garbage imaginable in the past three days - apartments where you have to step up two feet to get into the bathroom ("hope you don't like to come home drunk!"), apartments straight out of a Geico commercial ("the love was real, but the house was built too small"), apartments that shook when the train rumbled by underground, apartments where the broker sheepishly suggested that the couch could be placed in the kitchen. All this, for a monthly rent that could sustain a third world family for the next, oh, I don't know, fifty years.

All this leads me to wonder how everyone I know can afford to live in New York. Not everyone I know is a fancy-shmancy lawyer or i-banker, yet they all live in fantastic apartments with laundry in the building, 24 hour doormen, and other amenities that no reasonable person should require. Does that mean that everyone's parents pay their rent? I think it does. Maybe my mother, who is always chiming in with doomsday predictions about the welfare of the "housing bubble" is right. Maybe it is about to burst, and maybe that's for the best. I just hope something happens that will permit people who actually belong here and contribute something to life to stay here (short of a terrorist attack or something like that). Because the current state of affairs is pretty unbelievable.


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