Monday, August 15, 2005

Relax! (don't do it)

Finally, after months of hoping and dreaming, it's my "summer vacation." I have a week and a half with absolutely nothing to do. I should be jumping for joy, or going to sit on a beautiful, secluded beach, but instead I bought a vacuum cleaner. What can I say, I gotta cut loose somehow!

I realize now that I have no idea how to relax anymore. This is a real shame because before law school, I was amazing at it (and during certain parts of first year, I was still pretty damn good, despite the odds). According to the birthday book, I was born on the "day of gracious repose," and that used to make total sense. Law school, or should I say its grading system specifically, has taught me that each and every impulse I have to take it easy is WRONG! Some part of my brain sends painful little shocks throughout my body every time I try to relax, and I'm immediately thrown to my feet and sent out, zombie-like, to Do Something. Problem being: what the hell do I do?

Over winter break, among other endeavors, I taught myself to knit and read Hebrew (not simultaneously). The idea of a month with nothing planned panicked me so much that I set these goals for myself and actually succeeded (since I am good at most things that are not law-related or athletic). I can't do anything so drastic this time because I only have just over a week, but I can't just do nothing! I am afraid that if I don't set some ridiculous goal for myself, this week will turn into a college vacation, which were spent watching movies, smoking pot, eating ice cream, sleeping 14 hours a day, and otherwise doing my best imitation of a beached whale. (And somehow, I weighed 10 lbs. less during this time, which I guess is one of life's cruel jokes.)

So far, the plan for improvement is to have my mother come over and help me "redecorate" my apartment, which is in quotes because the word implies that I have a preexisting, coherent decorating scheme. If anyone has any better suggestions for a project for the next week, comment away - I'll be at Blockbuster and buying ice cream in the meantime.


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