Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summertime, and the living is boring

I know that in three weeks, I'm going to be kicking myself for saying this, but I totally hate vacation time while I'm just home. My worst nightmare from the post below has come true: so far this vacation, I have just been sitting on the couch, watching Law & Order reruns (don't ask me why that's my favorite show, since crim was my least favorite class, but something about Sam Waterston keeping the mean streets safe really does it for me and I can watch ten episodes back-to-back). I'm a big list-maker, and I thought that making a list would help me set reasonable goals that I could accomplish this week. Here's the list:

1. Get iPod fixed.
2. Order new battery for iBook since old one was recalled about four months ago for safety reasons.
3. Redecorate apartment.
4. Do something good for humanity or something.
5. Get a haircut (time to stop looking like overgrown, mangy beast).
6. Go to dentist.
7. Find new general physician (since I am now perhaps too old to be going to my pediatrician).
8. Take yoga classes and run, hopefully losing 5 pounds before boyfriend gets back from his jaunt around the world (must be nice).
9. Buy a printer and write at least 50 cover letters targeted to firms I care about.
10. Find a way to stop the horribly annoying noise of water dripping from my neighbor's air conditioner onto mine.

And how many of these simple tasks have I accomplished?


Yesterday, I got a haircut (hold your applause, please). Today, my mother came over and helped me rearrange my furniture and hang a couple pictures, making a marginal difference, since my furniture all sucks and looks like it was salvaged off the street or came from yard sales (which, minus the Ikea stuff, it did).

The rest of the time, it's been me, the couch, cheesecake (perhaps the antithesis of item #8), the cats, and Law & Order. So for all the complaining I do about being in school and busy and overburdened with crap, it may be for the best, since apparently during my short breaks, I turn totally nonfunctional and can spend hours walking circles around Blockbuster in a stupor, unable to even pick a damn movie.

But one thing I will be doing tomorrow that amuses me to no end is going back to work so they can take me out. I can't believe that they were too lazy to take me last week while I was still working, and out of guilt are now making me come back in just for lunch . Even worse than that is the fact that it's my big event for tomorrow. Except, of course, for the big trip to Blockbuster!


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