Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation's all I ever wanted

So I've got exactly eight days of work left (not that I'm counting) before the job concludes and I am FREE! I've got the usual summer songs playing in my head, like "School's out for summer" and "Good vibrations" and so on. The only problem is that I am not going on a proper vacation. Although I've been working for twelve weeks or what have you, I've managed to save about $400 and that won't get me very far. Luckily, it will get me on a $30 bus to D.C., and no, it will not be the Wang Chung bus or whatever the hell it's called. I am far too classy a broad for that! But in all honesty, I greatly look forward to being a tourist in someone else's city.

Here's the thing. I grew up in Manhattan, went away for college to get some "perspective," and the whole time I was just biding my time, marking x's on my calendar to get back to civilization. Now that I'm back, and with no prospect of leaving anytime soon, I am getting that pioneer longing to get the hell out. I have a pretty sweet deal with my apartment that would be tough to pass up, but otherwise, I'm growing resentful of this city. It may be my more general bitterness towards my chosen indentured servitude, I mean profession, but on the whole, it's getting to me. I can't find a good job, I am always having to elbow my way through crowds, you have to line up hours before a movie on opening weekend, it smells like human excrement in 3/4 of the subway stations that I have to pass through every day, and all this bad air can't be good for my pores. It's enough to make a girl long for an escape to greener, less polluted, crowded, noisy, expensive, and competitive pastures.

But then I remember the last time I flew into New York, incidentally also from D.C. As my plane descended, we had a beautiful panoramic view of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The sheer scale of it all really impressed me. It was so beautiful, in its filthy, hideous way. The magnificence of industry, the randomness of the little green parks, the zillions of cars stuck in traffic . . . it was all just so impressive. It made me remember why I still live here.

At least, until I got back into Manhattan and saw a homeless person pee into a mailbox.


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