Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Shoot for the stars, touch the ceiling

It's that time again, folks. I'm back in school for round three - Law School: 2, Me: 0 - and already I'm exhausted. I can't let them defeat me 3-0, but I'm so tired and in need of another vacation. I arranged the best schedule yet, with no classes Monday or Friday, but being the overachiever I am (ha) I am working part-time too, so the vacation time is limited. School, work, and activities together add up to no sleep and very full days.

This year, though, I'm setting low goals with the hope of finally meeting them. I just want to learn some interesting stuff, make a little bit of money, and generally enjoy my life before I sign my soul away for however many years. I want to rise above the pressures, try to remember why I was so interested in the law in the first place, and generally emerge from law school a calm, grown woman, secure in my sense of self, gainfully employed, sound of mind, and healthy of body.

Let's be honest. At this point, I'd probably settle for gainfully employed.

Stay tuned . . .


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