Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Unclean hands

Today I encountered what the administration at my school is really like. Stripped of their glory, their power, they are nothing but a bunch of lawyers who couldn't hack it in the legal world. Each has a flaw that prevents them from attaining their professional goals, and in the case of a certain administrator, it is his temper.

I am the president of a club at school. I've never been much of a joiner, but since the administration has proven themselves to be basically unwilling or incapable to create opportunities for their students, I decided to take it upon myself to make it happen. In that vein, I have put on a couple events, tried to get myself "out there," and tried to help other people do the same. Thus, when an administrative office asked me for a list of events the club has put on thus far for recruitment purposes, I laughed to myself and decided that no way was I going to help them brag about the fact that I have done their job for them. Thus, I wrote the following letter to them:

Dear [redacted],

I feel very strongly that [redacted] uses its [redacted] program for recruitment purposes only. I put on an event last year myself, and I faced an uphill battle, with little or no help from the administration. Moreover, even our own [student government] cuts our budget and gives us an insultingly low amount of money for events, thus limiting either the quality of the reception or the number of events we may hold. Thus, I do not think it is fair for the school to use the [redacted] program, especially the student-run groups' events, for recruitment purposes. When I chose [redacted], I did so large part because of the nationally ranked [redacted] program. While I have been very satisfied with the quality of instruction, the rest of the program has been conspicuously absent. In particular, [the career office] has provided absolutely no programs or recruitment events targeted at students interested in pursuing careers within the field. I do not wish to personally support [redacted's] misrepresentations about the program, and thus I cannot send you the materials.

This is meant to reflect my own personal viewpoint, and in no way do I claim to speak on behalf of [the club], which has tried in many ways to rectify the situation that [the school] has created for us, and with any luck, will be successful this academic year.

I hope you will understand that I am not blaming you personally for this - however, people within the administration need to understand the situation.

Yours very truly,

A perfectly polite e-mail, n'est-ce pas? I made it clear that I am not personally upset with anyone, but just don't want to get involved with their efforts. Imagine my surprise, then, when a mere 20 minutes after sending this e-mail, I received a phone call (on my CELL PHONE, mind you) from the director of that office, who proceeded to verbally abuse me. Contained within his tirade was the following:

- "People like you should not be allowed to be club presidents at this school, and I'm sorry that you are."
- calling me "entitled" and "spoiled" - because I dare to expect that my PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL should help me find a job
- asking "how are your grades?" and when I told him that I thought they were none of his business, he went right ahead and looked them up!
- "You're just bitter because you don't have a job."

Lovely! This was just what I needed - confirmation that my school doesn't care about me and may, in fact, actually hate me!


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