Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I can't believe I'm even admitting this, but as I type these very words, I am doing something so horrible, so vile, so . . . disgusting that if both of you who actually read this quit after this disclosure, I won't blame you one bit. That's right, I'm watching Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County on MTV. File this under H, for one of the Horrible ways law school has changed me for the worse, but I love this show. Not so much for the plot - I couldn't summarize it if you paid me (one of the few things I won't do for money at this point, har har). I just love looking at what high school might have been like if I were blond, tan, rich, had really really white teeth, and couldn't enunciate.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that anything that is popular must be good. I grew up making the opposite mistake: anything popular must be for losers who can't think for themselves. After all, the popular kids at school liked nothing better than to make fun of me to my face, which clearly was wrong, so anything else popular must be wrong too, only suited for people with a herd mentality. As I grew up and suddenly found myself cool - or at least less dorky and thus no longer the most obvious target - I still resisted the popular. I never watched Friends and it took me until junior year of college to wear jeans. I only listened to music that could not be heard on the radio and called sorority girls "sorostitutes" and pitied them for having to buy their friends. I dyed my hair black in high school, partly for the perverse honor of being the only girl with light roots in my whole high school.

And now look at me. Disgraceful! Sitting on the couch with my trendy little iBook, admiring Kristin and LC's incoherent, disaffected ramblings and actually wishing I were blond! I chalk this up to the total absence of joy in my day. I get my jollies from three-minute IMs with my boyfriend, coffee from the corner deli that isn't stale, and not getting called on - not the stuff of a self-help book on the joys of the ordinary. When I get home, I have very limited patience for Neil Cavuto or something unpopular enough to have qualified as interesting to me in my former life. Now, it's just me, the cats, and the 9:00 showing of Uptown Girls.


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