Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lazy Thursday

The semester has finally concluded. In my vacation-induced ADD, rather than trying to come up with some kind of coherent theme to unify the events of the past week or two, I will instead list them in no particular order.

- I called this attorney from my old firm (you know, the one that unceremoniously fake-fired me right before the holidays) and notified him that I would no longer be gracing the firm with my presence. I had a feeling he was not privy to management decisions, despite having a better career than any of those fuckwads who make decisions around there, and I was right. He was very nice to me while I was there, offering to send my resume around and once had even offered to take me to dinner to talk about "my career." We had had to cancel, but I hoped to reschedule and have him help me get a job. "Aww," he said, "I will miss seeing you around here." "Thank you," I said. "Would you still be interested in getting dinner sometime?" "Well," he replied, "what's this I hear about you having a boyfriend? You know, I was asking you out on a date." Oh. My bad! How stupid of me to assume that he was going to help me, in my vulnerable position, get a job without strings attached! Well, so much for that. And now I have Reason # 93849384398 not to go back to that office ever again.

- I had finals this week and one of them was for a two-credit ethics class. Predictably, the class itself was a nightmare, but less predictably, the exam was the worst one I have ever, EVER taken. Five questions in four hours, with one of them being a 4-page fact pattern with ten subquestions. All this for two credits??? But now, exams are over and I have that battered-woman syndrome, walking around dazed and somewhat bruised. (Literally. The hand I wrote those exams with may never be the same again.)

- To update on last post, not only have certain area law schools postponed the exams affected by the transit strike until the make-up day, but I just learned that others have postponed them until JANUARY. Thanks, guys - pushing the exam I had to take on Tuesday back from 8:45 until 10 really made the difference!

- Last night, I was at a bar with my boyfriend and B, a friend of his from school. She is working at one of the MEGAFIRMS, one of the only ones I had even heard of before law school. She makes a ton of money, and her hours are even better than my boyfriend's. While he was away closing his tab, she looked at me and said, "Working sucks. Really. I wish I could just marry a rich man and have babies." "Me too!" I replied. "I should dump his ass and find one of those ASAP." "He'll do fine," she replied. "No need to do that." "Yeah, he'll be fine in ten years. But I want to do this next year instead of working!" We shared a little giggle, until I think we both realized that neither of us was really kidding. So it looks like life on the other side, where B lives, replete with fat paychecks, unfettered trips to Banana Republic without worrying about whether the item you are buying is a) on sale, and b) going to mean you have to stop eating, and cars home at the end of a long day instead of the subway (if the fuckin subway is EVEN RUNNING) - just doesn't make the difference. Thanks feminism, really glad that the option of staying home at my age has been taken from me without due process.

- Watch this, please.


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