Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Merry Christmas to some, and to some a good night

Last week, I thought my firm had hit rock bottom. The sweet associate in charge of interns, always the fall guy for the, shall we say, flawed firm management, broke some news to me by accident last week. She blushed and stammered out the fact that interns are not invited to the firm's annual holiday party. It was insulting, but not entirely unexpected since I know that they are one of the cheapest firms in the industry. I thought, though, that they couldn't possibly insult me further so I laughed it off and inwardly complimented my thick skin. Fast forward to yesterday when I was delivered the final punch.

I went to the associate's office to discuss my schedule for next semester. She blushed, always a bad sign, and mentioned that the managing partner had...uh...totally restructured the intern program. Uh oh. In fact, by restructured, she meant totally eliminated the paying interns. And thus, me. Eliminated.

I made her promise me twice that it wasn't related to anything I had done. But I still have to wonder. Did I keep to myself too much? Did I screw up a memo? I do know one thing. This firm is full of fucking liars and I will never know exactly what motivated them. They cannot keep their stories straight about anything. This is the firm that tells all interns that they do not hire out of law school, yet mysteriously hired someone from a top ten school just this year. This is the firm that promised me that if I didn't screw up, they would help me get placed elsewhere, but offers no help beyond "sure, bring in a list of firms and I'll tell you what I think." Thanks. This is the firm that doesn't invite interns to their holiday party. So it shouldn't be so surprising that this firm will see nothing wrong with essentially laying me off during the holiday season when it's too late for me to find another job for next year. And if I had my guess, their budget doesn't have a damn thing to do with it.


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