Sunday, February 05, 2006

Every rose has its thorn

During the trial program I completed at school, I got by far the best praise I've ever gotten in all of law school. As many of my loyal readership may know, compliments are few and far between, and often phrased in the negative (if a professor said, "That's not a bad try," I would glow for two days first year). I should, thus, have known that when I was praised to the heavens by a practitioner/instructor, that he had a little something more in mind than either getting me a job or idly attempting to restore my self-confidence.

I was told that "I have what it takes," that "I'll never lose a case," and that "juries would love me." I was excited, thinking that he was telling the truth, and that he was going to arrange for my future trial law glory to shine on his agency. He suggested I visit the office and meet everyone, and so I did. I took notes on whom I met, their job functions, and we went to court and I did the same there. I didn't like it when he closed the door to his uncomfortably small office, and I didn't like it when he insisted that I get in his uncomfortably small car so he could drive me to a subway station a block away. I didn't like it when he told me that I should dress attractively, but not too attractively, for the jury, and I didn't like it when he brought up my looks as a factor for my future success as a lawyer. I didn't like it when he touched my hand a number of times and tried to get me to agree to dinner.

But I really, really didn't like it when he emailed me six times the following week and called me three times a day leaving further laudatory messages. "Anything I can do to help you get established would absolutely thrill me," he gushed. I did not return his calls, and the messages got even more frequent and insistent. "I can assure you an interview, if you still want it. Please do call me to let me know you are still interested. I need to know. Call me."

The worst part of this story is that it's the closest I've gotten to a job interview all year, and that I actually thought about humoring him for awhile. Not doing anythign inappropriate, of course, but playing the earnest granddaughter to his overbearing, overly enthusiastic grandfather. Except after awhile I got the feeling it wasn't such an innocent desire to help a young lawyer get started. And I may be desperate, but I totally refuse to believe that pandering to an old pervert is the only way that I can get a job.

And just for the record, I didn't even get the interview. Apparently, I was only worth as much as my willingness to look the other way.


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