Thursday, May 18, 2006

Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Well, the moment of truth has arrived. I've been waiting to post this information for a week but I can scarcely believe it's true, so I've held off. But I now truly believe it in my heart, so I can say it.

I got a job.

Someone wants to hire me.

I will not go on welfare, or to debtor's prison.

When people ask me where I'm working, I don't have to lie and say I haven't "decided" yet; I can look them in the eye and just say, "I am going to be an Assistant District Attorney."


I have been walking around with a big grin on my face for a week now. People on the street must think I'm totally insane (of course, they're not wrong). A great weight has been lifted. Of course, I got my job with one week of law school remaining. It took right up until the very bitter end . . . which I had already predicted, of course, but what the hell. I'll take it!

And there is approximately 24 hours remaining in my law school career . . . I have one more final tomorrow morning and then that's all she wrote. That assumes, of course, that I didn't fail my New York Civil Practice exam, which is perhaps not a safe assumption.

So I just have to buckle down this afternoon and study for one more. Too bad my brain is completely fried and I cannot focus on anything. Just one more hurdle to go . . . must study . . . can't study . . .

Well, I may as well go out like I went in and treat this like a college exam. Which means I've still got a few hours until I need to start!


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