Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Celebrity justice

Is it me, or has the world gone totally crazy? Generally speaking, I have my head buried in a book, but whenever I look up, it seems that something else totally psycho happens. First of all, there's the Middle East, which I believe I've already expressed an opinion or two about. Then, I just read on Gawker how the 19-year-old skizzy who fucked Christie Brinkley's husband has given "exclusive" interviews to everyone who will listen. She is extremely pretty, of course, in a trashy sort of way, and her big eyes well up charmingly with tears of self-pity as she talks about how she was sort of used, and how she really regrets what happened, etc.

Now, I've never hooked up with a married guy (that being up there on my list of things I will never, ever do, along with heroin, bike riding, eating Korean food, and wearing leggings in public). But I have done stuff in my life I'm not so proud of. I've also gotten caught doing stuff I'm not proud of and I've had to apologize and make it up to people in a variety of situations.

But never once have I asked the world for sympathy. This chick is nineteen. Maybe she's of less-than-average intelligence, and maybe she is emotionally immature, etc. But why would you go on TV, with a married mother interviewing you, and beg the public at large for them to cry for you? Is this some ill-considered bid for further fame? I'd think that she'd just be embarrassed and want to retreat into obscurity as quickly as possible. But white trash (or whatever she is) seems to know no bounds. And, like I said, the world is going crazy.


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