Thursday, July 13, 2006

Proofreading skills a *major* plus

An actual, honest-to-goodness e-mail received from the career office (emphasis added):

In House Council- [X Corp.]

Attention recent graduates. [X Corp.] is seeking a licensed attorney in NY and/or NJ or a bar candidate as an in house council. The applicant will be primarily responsible for contacting attorneys and governmental agents; appearing before the courts; negotiations drafting and reviewing contracts. Fluency in Korean and English is a must. To apply please email your resume and cover letter to [Illiterate Lawyer], Esq. at [email].

Apparently, I don't give the career office enough credit. I'm sure at least one person will find this opportunity enticing.

Actually, scratch that. The people who speak Korean are definitely all on Law Review.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your posts!!!! Keep em coming! I hope the 3 korean students enjoy being in house COUNCIL. Sorry, but your tribulations are too funny.

12:47 AM  

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