Monday, July 10, 2006

Service journalism - because really, I'm just that nice

Two links of interest:

1. Even the NY Times knows Dell sucks. But then, it is Dell that drove me towards being a Mac user, so they can't be all bad, can they? I guess it was worth the sacrifice of my old laptop two weeks before finals, first semester second year of law school (a mere month after my warranty expired, natch). Once you go Mac, you never go back!

2. Other people hate the bar, too. But somehow, when it's on Craigslist, it's funnier.

UPDATE: The above link has been removed, for whatever reason. Here's the text:

Fuck the NY Bar

...and fuck the board of law examiners. These motherfuckers have nothing better to do in life than ruin the summer of 10,000 starving law school graduates every year.

Hey assholes... ever wonder why half of all law school exams are open book? Because, lawyers don't need to memorize every fucking thing... we go to law school to learn how to LOOK THINGS UP!!!!

Fuck your stupid model answers. Fuck you and the 37 exceptions to hearsay. Take Blackacre and shove it up your ass. Tell your intended beneficiary to blow me. Would my foot up one of your asses constitute a material breach? If NY has such an indelible right to counsel, why do we have so many friggin' convicts? Did those guys pass your little quiz, you fucks? Oh, and by the way, thanks for the fucking typing lottery... and don't worry about all the people who didn't get in... we do not feel
DIASADVANTAGED in any way by having to write out six fucking essays. Like that's really fair.

Stay out of my wingspan... I'm pissed off.

A reasonably prudent law school graduate

* this is in or around a law library near you


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