Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sometimes the world makes me totally sick

This post will hopefully be an anomaly, because I tend to be a rather non-political person, but sometimes even the most apathetic among us have to speak up. I am sitting here, trying to study torts (duty, breach, causation, damages), but I am so mad about what's going on in the Middle East that it's sort of hard to concentrate. (Although there's always a good reason not to concentrate.) Nevertheless I must get this off my chest and then return to the "well-settled quartet" of indirect cause causation analysis.

I mentioned to a friend of mine from college last night that I might be going to Israel after the bar. She thought I was nuts to be going there with so much going on (and this was before Hezbollah decided to stick their dirty fingers into this mess). I replied that I didn't plan on hitting the beach in Gaza, and saying that since there are problems there, I shouldn't go to Israel at all is sort of like saying that there is crime in New Haven, so going to Connecticut is insane.

Somehow, the conversation turned to the situation in Gaza at that point, and she said that she understood why those animals are kidnapping people - it is because they "feel oppressed."

I was totally shocked. She is a friend whose opinions I have always respected - but this was really beyond the pale. I feel oppressed by the bar exam, does that mean I get to kill people? I think not.

I'm sorry but when Israel left Gaza (where they had every right to be), those fucks lost all right to complain about being "oppressed." They got their land. They told the whole world (which was stupid and/or gullible enough to believe them) that all they wanted was land. Land for peace. I thought that was retarded at the time, and I'm sad to say that I have been proven right. They don't want land. They want the entire state of Israel to be destroyed and they want complete sovereignty over the entire Middle East. They won't stop either, because the world seems to sympathize with them and will condone their asinine behavior because it's politically fashionable to do so.

Why, then, is it politically in vogue to support them when they have absolutely no legal or moral legs to stand on? Is it good old-fashioned anti-Semitism? I think, in large part, it is. Is it because Israel clearly is smarter, better-equipped, and more organized than they are? Is it because the world is scared of them, since they have shown absolutely no respect for human life, and it seems easier to appease them than to get blown up ourselves? Or maybe it is because the American media, even the most prominent papers out there, will write stories about how Israel has done x, y, and z in Gaza - without even mentioning why Israel is there in the first place: to try to find Cpl. Gilad Shalit, whom Hamas kidnapped and is holding in Gaza. Small wonder, then, that those who rely on the New York Times for their news hate Israel.

I may never understand why people make excuses for them. But it does make me totally sick to read comments from their supposedly peace-loving Prime Minister Abbas, who will blithely go on the record saying that it is bad that Israel has bombed empty buildings in Gaza to eliminate the terrorist meeting places, "But what is worse is targeting civilians, including families."

Tell that to the family of Eliyahu Asheri, a civilian who was kidnapped and killed just a couple weeks ago by Hamas (which of course got little or no American media coverage, for absolutely no good reason). I think the Asheri family might agree with him.


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