Sunday, October 15, 2006


I have discovered the key to life: working in the legal department of a company.

The hours are good, the pay is decent (if you're not a temp), but the best part is the hero worship. I swear, the people at my company won't so much as go to the bathroom without asking legal to sign off on it first. And even though I'm not admitted, and I'm pretty much a paralegal there, they consider me and my opinion good enough.

And really, why not? I went to law school. I know things. I may not always know the answers to their questions, but I can usually sound confident enough to rattle off some bullshit, and then I can just look it up and correct them if I was wrong. And somehow, I have found that my instincts are usually right. This is really a huge confidence booster and makes me realize how much better it is to work than to be in law school. In law school, people are always trying to make you feel dumb and/or inadequate. In my company, I get respect. I get props, and it's absolutely wonderful. It makes me remember why I went to law school in the first place.

Okay, so I'm getting paid peanuts, and I may never earn the kind of money I anticipated earning when I signed up for all this nonsense. But the feeling of respect I get from everyone at the company is just such a refreshing change that I am almost glad these days that I decided to become a lawyer (or almost-lawyer). I never, ever felt that way at a firm.

I think that it is a sad comment on the usual practice of law that it takes working outside the usual legal paradigm to be pleased with my choice. I am happy at work and enjoy my responsibilities, and busy days are much better for me than empty ones. I like what I do well enough, but mainly I enjoy being taken seriously. It's a nice change, and I hope it stays that way.


Blogger The Once and Future TC said...

I'm jealous! At the firm I get long hours and marginal respect.... Mostly long hours. Really, really long. Really. Not even that long, yet, and that fact alone scares me in ways you can't imagine.

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