Monday, November 13, 2006

Live blogging the last work afternoon in the dark

2:30 This is insufferable, I need to go home

2:32 Cookies would probably help

2:36 Maybe sour cream and onion Ruffles would help too. Do I get the 99 cent bag or the 50 cent bag?

2:37 99 cent. Definitely

2:38 They don't have my damn cookies! May as well go for the chocolate delight chocolate chunk kind.

2:39 Maybe if I ask for my receipt, the guy will think I'm buying snacks for the whole group

2:40 He just smiled patronizingly and said, "Enjooooooooy!" Oh well

2:43 Back at my desk, hid the cookies in a drawer and about to dive into the SC & O

2:47 That was good. But I think a cookie would probably be a good idea too

2:48 These cookies are a little dry, maybe I should be dunking them in coffee

2:55 My stomach hurts. Again

2:56 Should probably work

3:09 found hilarious typo: "you have duly qualified" reads instead "you have dully qualified." Hehehehehehhe

3:14 Achoo! Great, I am making myself sick with stress

3:17 People keep emailing me asking my advice on things. Ha - good luck with that!

3:24 I kind of want to vomit

3:28 This eye twitch is really getting old

3:29 I can't believe this will really be over in less than 24 hours

3:38 Jerk friend of mine IMs to say, "THEIR OUT!!!!" I know he is lying b/c I just checked. And I corrected him on his incorrect usage of the word "they're"

3:49 Is it stupid if I look at last year's bar exam results and see people I know are dumber than me who passed?

3:55 Yes. That was stupid. Just b/c ____ passed doesn't mean I will. Now I will feel even dumber if I don't. If that is even possible.

3:56 But hey there's only an hour before I can leave! Maybe that wasn't such a bad usage of my time after all.

3:57 Same friend offers to "photocopy his junk" and mail it to me for the low, low price of $.64, the cost of a stamp and a photocopy. Who the hell am I friends with?

4:08 3 people w/my last name passed last year. Pretty good.

4:15 Is anyone going to enjoy reading this? I'm getting on my own nerves at this point.

4:39 This is the slowest fucking day EVER!!!



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